Web Content Management System

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You'll never feel so refreshed managing web content from your desktop or mobile devices.

ChamberDesk powerful yet simple to use web content management module is guaranteed to dramatically decrease your membership organizations’ content management time and ease the web content management and editing process.

Our Web Content Management system covers every aspect of Content Management process. Whether you want to add new pages or edit content in real time, ChamberDesk Web Content Management Module got you covered!

Web Content Management System

Explore Some of the Top Benefits and Features:

Easy and Quick Setup

Thanks to our user-friendly interface, it doesn’t take a genius to add an event and post it online for immediate registrations. Setup your events in minutes from any device and automatically list it on your association’s website!

Visual Edtor (WYSWIG)

Provide your members and attendees the ability to become a sponsor to any of your events. You can easily set up and limit available sponsorship levels and integrate it to the event registration process.

Mobile Optimized & Responsive

Built with modern browsers and mobile devices in mind, your membership organizations’ website is designed with responsive layouts. This ensures that your website content, pages, images and navigation menus looks great on most browsers and devices.

SEO Enabled

ChamberDesk is optimized to improve your search engines ranking without any additional code or add-on. Features include custom page name URLs, bulk meta tags updater, search engine optimized members directory, auto xml sitemap creation and more.

File Library

With our File and Media Library you can take control, organize and reuse your digital assets with few clicks.


We employ the latest security technology to protect your private and sensitive membership data. Our live auditing dashboard allows you to know in real-time who edited what and when.

Access Control

Through users and groups permissions, your membership organization can control who has access to add content or edit specific sections of your website.

Reporting & Analytics

Accurate reporting on any page or section on Google Analytics and Bing Web Analytics.

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